Statistics As of 2024 year 6 month25 day, Located (Yiwu(Araturuk) Xian), postcode: 652223(YWX) canning, beverage, beer, food, packaging customers. They used products of canneed: Canned Food and Beverage[] CSS-1000 Anti-noise Seam Saw, in the Processing of useing products, Performance of the product quality : <P>CanNeed ¡°CSS-1000 Anti-noise Seam Saw¡± is provided with an anti-noise design and a special guide <BR>for 2-and 3-piece cans with 65mm dia, such as beer cans and 209 cans. The cutting process is so precise, quick, safe and convenient to ensure precise cutting effects without distorting the cans. The seam image on Canneed series Seam Sight TM automatic seam measuring systems gets thereby every clear and improves measurement speed and reliability.</P> Give enterprises great benefits.
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FWG-100-D, FWG-200-D, FWG-300-D Flange Width Gauge
The CanNeed ¡°FWG-100-D, FWG-200-D, FWG-300-D Flange Width Gauge¡± is used to measure the flange width of empty cans. Reliable design, invariableness measuring pressure and measuring angle which enable the inexperienced operators can also perform the measurement accurately. Auto aligning the center of can body, applicable for different types of cans.

AXL-10000 Axial Load Tester

The CanNeed ¡°AXL-10000 Axial Load Tester¡± measures the axial force resistance of food cans in Newton. The can is placed in a support and gradually forced upwards against the pressure plate. The space between the support and the top plate can be altered with spacers. The can crashes after the peak force has been applied that the can is capable of resisting. The maximum value can now be read in the display

PTG-100 Digital Plate Thickness Gauge
The CanNeed PTG -100 Digital Plate Thickness Gauge

This unit serves for quickly checking the thickness of plates. The sample is presented vertically in this version. Equipped with the Mitutoyo 0.001mm Resolution Digital Indicator.
If purchased the adapter and cable, the gauge can be connected to a computer or SPC system for data collection.

PDG-D Plane depth Gauge (Digital)
The CanNeed ¡°PDG-D Plane Depth Gauge for Canned Food and Beverage¡± is used to measure the plane depth of canned food and beverage. It can monitor the inner pressure or vacuum of the cans without piercing the cans.

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