Statistics As of 2024 year 6 month25 day, Located (Tunchang Xian), postcode: 460026(TCG) canning, beverage, beer, food, packaging customers. They used products of canneed: Beer and Beverage[] MB-8A+ Auto Mashing Device, in the Processing of useing products, Performance of the product quality : <P><FONT style="FONT-SIZE: 12px; FONT-FAMILY: Arial">The CanNeed MB-8A+ Auto Mashing Device is the best choice for beer and malt Laboratory. <BR style="FONT-FAMILY: "><BR><STRONG>Attributes:<BR style="FONT-FAMILY: "></STRONG>1. 8 orifices (optional for 4 / 8 / 16 orifices)<BR style="FONT-FAMILY: ">2. Auto water-in<BR style="FONT-FAMILY: ">3. LCD monitor, display the real time temperature and time, can switch to display the temperature curve. <BR style="FONT-FAMILY: ">4. Program controlled, accurately controls the temperature.<BR style="FONT-FAMILY: ">5. Mashing cup make from the thick wall stainless steel, smooth and weldless.<BR style="FONT-FAMILY: ">6. Inside material also stainless steel<BR style="FONT-FAMILY: ">7. Sink cover is make from polishing stainless steel<BR style="FONT-FAMILY: ">8. During the mashing process, all temperature and time parameter to be displayed on the screen.<BR style="FONT-FAMILY: ">9. State-of-the-art components and technology<BR style="FONT-FAMILY: ">10. Very quiet when running</FONT></P> Give enterprises great benefits.
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