Statistics As of 2024 year 6 month25 day, Located (Jianyang Shi), postcode: 350784(JNY) canning, beverage, beer, food, packaging customers. They used products of canneed: Canned Food and Beverage[] Seam Sight(TM) Full Automatic Seam Monitor, in the Processing of useing products, Performance of the product quality : <FONT face=Verdana>The Seam Sight<SUP>TM</SUP> Full Automatic Seam Monitor is a compact measuring system for quick and accurate automatic seam measurements and storing of seam images. <BR>The seam is positioned manually in front of the camera and is digitised by the computer. <BR>In less than 1 second the Seam Sight<SUP>TM</SUP> software offers a measurement. The seam length, body hook, end hook, actual overlap, percentage overlap; seam gap, seam thickness and body hook butting% are measured. At the end of the measurement an evaluated seam appears including dimension lines and measured values. This may be stored in computer or printed out on a laserprinter. The values can be stored in a Excel file and are displayed in on-screen if values are within specs.</FONT> Give enterprises great benefits.
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ZM-10 Digital Body Blank Gauge

The Canneed ¡°ZM-10 Digital Body Blank Gauge¡± is made for the quality control of can body blanks. It is a precision gauge for body blank measurement/angle measurement.

WWP-100 Welding Seam Ball Press Tester

The Canneed "WWP-100 Welding Seam Ball Press Tester" is used to test the welding seam quality, including the welding seam strength and continuity of 3-piece cans.
Testing Method: place the empty cans to the clamp, align the welding seam with the ball, and then tightly press the can. The cylinder pushes the ball to slide along the welding seam. Next, take the can out to check if there are any breaches.

Seam-X-Line X-Ray Automatic Seam Scanner (Non-destructive)
The CanNeed Seam-X-Line is suitable for laboratory
Can open or close the door automatically£¬automatic sampling
The CanNeed Seam-X-Line Automatic Seam Scanner adopts non-destructive measurement method to measure the seam quality, suitable for measuring the aluminum cans, steel cans , aluminum-iron composite cans and etc .It¡¯s a non-destructive, cost saving, accurate measurement and automatic equipment which can be installed on the production line to improve the sampling frequency.

SeamSight®-B Full Automatic Seam System

The CanNeed Seam Sight® Full Automatic Seam Monitor has adopted the advanced optical system and Golden Lens® video capture device, which interference-free of external light source and ensured the high image definition and the measurement accuracy. The Seam Sight® system is equipped with the new seam measuring software Seam Sight®.
The CanNeed Seam Sight® -A system can automatically collect the data from STG-200-D Seam Thickness Gauge and CSG-200 Countersink Gauge. The actual seam thickness and countersink can be generated reports together with other data. To optimize the measurement process.
Measurement Process
Before cutting the sample can, use STG-200-D Seam Thickness Gauge to measure the seam thickness rate; meanwhile, use CSG-200 Countersink Gauge to measure the countersink rate; then the Seam Sight -A will collect the both data automatically.
After that, the sample can should be cut with CSS-1000 Anti-noise Seam Saw or CSS-2000 Seam Saw and placed at the camera position of the monitor. Then, the seaming images will be displayed on the screen. The auto measurement will be finished within 1 second if you press the ¡°Confirmation¡± button. All images and measurement data will be saved in the system data base.


CSS 2000 Seam Saw
The CanNeed CSS-2000 Seam Saw is applicable for all types of cans of 45-260mm. The movable cutting platform is installed on the linear guide.
The CanNeed ¡°CSS-2000 Seam saw¡± is a special seam circular saw with double cut for double seam inspections. The CSS-2000 was specially designed for 2- and 3-piece cans.The nitrated blades achieve together with the speed of approx. 1.000 r/min. a very plain cut surface. The seam image on Caneed series Automatic Seam Computer (Video Seam Monitors), and automatic seam measuring systems gets thereby very clear and improves measurement speed and reliability.

ACH-100 Aerosol Curl Height Gauge

The Canneed ACH-100 Aerosol Curl Height Gauge is used for measuring
the contact height of the curl 1" aperture of aerosol cans.
ACH-100 is the Industry Standard.

The gauge is first calibrated by setting the calibration ring on the gauge. In this case the dial has to indicate the value of 4.25 mm.
The measurement on the can is then inserting the gauge up to the shank into the can and then slowly releasing the button.


SCG-200 Seamer clearance Gauge
The CanNeed SCG-200 Seamer clearance Gauge, a quick and accurate way to set up seamers.To measure the roll height off the chuck and the lateral distance between the roll and chuck.
The Clearance Gauge allows users to do predictive maintenance on their seamers before they go out of specifications. The clearance gauge is able to not only quickly and accurately set up the seamer, but makes sure that all the seamer heads are performing perfectly as near as possible to the nominal value.
Instead of focusing on checking seams after the double seam is already closed, the Clearance Gauge helps optimize the can seaming process by taking out variations between the different seamer heads and optimizing the seamer itself!
Today, covering most seamer models, these seamers show a clear and dramatic performance improvements by using this gauge.

RPG-100 Roll profile Gauge

The RPG-100 is able to scan profiles of seaming Rolls and Chucks (or other tooling - including carbide and ceramic tools) easily and quickly. The system can be used for acceptance testing for new seaming rolls or chucks, for quality assurance purposes and for stress analysis. Monitor tooling wear to replace rolls and chucks only when they need to be replaced

ABT-200 Burst Buckling Tester For Aerosol Cans
Canneed ABT-200 Burst Buckling Tester for Aerosol Cans is used to test the buckle value of bottom and end (dome) of aerosol cans and the pressure at which the can bursts.
Equip with the special designed clamp device, ABT-200 is able to test the buckle value of free ends (dome) or bottom of aerosol cans independently.
The professional analyzing software of ABT-200 is able to display the pressure curve, monitor and record three buckle values: end buckle value, bottom buckle value and burst value. The database system manages the measurement result and curve, and the system will carry out the testing process automatically, so that no manual operation needed during the testing process.

ABT-100 Burst Buckling Tester for aerosol cans

The "Canneed ABT-100 Burst Buckling Tester for Aerosol Cans " is used to determine the buckle value of bottom (dome) and Top end of aerosol cans and the pressure at which the can bursts. With the special designed clamp, it is able to measure the dome or bottom free ends independently. At high pressures from approximately 22 - 28 bar, it may happen that deformations of the valve and a higher burst pressure.

ZM570-D Digital Body Blank Gauge

Canneed "ZM570-D Digital Body Blank Gauge"
These units are made for the quality control of can body blanks.
1. Precision gauge for measurement of body blanks with the help
   of a incremental ruler/ fine measuring gauge combination and
   a digital dial indicator for the angle measurement;
2. Constant measuring force for accurate, repeatable,
   user-independent results
3. Sequential measurement of blank height, blank width and squareness

DER-4 Digital Enamel Rater
The CanNeed DER-4 is the industry standard. The new CanNeed Enamel Rater DER-4 instrument test the coverage of the enamel coating inside food and beverage cans, aerosol-cans and also different kinds of ends. It displays an index of the amount of metal exposed by incomplete enamel coverage on a clear, easily read digital LED.

ALT-600 Leak Tester for Aerosol can

The ¡°Canneed ALT-600 / ALT-800 Leak Tester for Aerosol can¡± is used for testing the leakage of Aerosol cans. ALT-600 can test 6 cans at the same time, and ALT-800 can test 8. The permeability tester for aerosol cans blows up the cans up to a maximum of 10 bar and submerges them under water. At the leaking spots of the can then visible air-bubbles escape.
A special clamping system enables to measure different diameters and heights with one device. Two pressure levels can be set with the tester. The first is meant to hold and seal the can, the second step sets in when the mount with the cans has reached the lowest position. The maximum test pressure is 10 bar.

ALT-100 Leak Tester for Aerosol can

The  "canneed ALT-100 Leak Tester for Aerosol can " is used for checking the permeability of Aerosol cans in a water bath.

CND-TRK-300 Oven Temperature Logger

The CanNeed "CND-TRK-300 Oven Temperature Tracker"is a professional oven temperature curve inspection system for the coating industry, it is including the data logger, heat insulation case, software (Chinese / English) and thermocouples."CND-TRK-300 Oven Temperature Tracker" is use to pass through the oven with the solidifying products, and record down the real temperature during the process.

FWG-100-d Flange width gauge

FWG-100-d, FWG-200-d, FWG-300-d Flange width gauge
Canneed FWG-d Flange width gauge is designed to measure the flange width of open ended cans.
The spring loaded can guides automatically position the can for fast, accurate,
and repeatable measurements. Constructed of machined for corrosion resistance and long life. 
The base plate is stainless steel to extend the wear life of the surface.
With the Mitutoyo 0.01mm Resolution Digital Indicator.
The gauges may be connected to a computer via a multiplexer.

AMG-300 Aerosol Measuring Gauge

Measures 6 characteristics in 1 compact Gauge
AMG-300 Aerosol Measuring Gauge is a Convenient Gauge for Aerosol Cans, it can Measures 6 characteristics in 1 compact Gauge. measures the following characteristics:
1) Can Height over all (E)
2) Can Height over the seams (D)
3) Can height between the seams (F)
4) Top Outside Diameter (K),
5) Top seam Outside Diameter
6) Bottom seam Outside Diameter


STR-100A Seam Stripper
The automatic STR-100A Seam Stripper is a sensible, affordable, teardown method to prepare the double seam teardown analysis. One fast, safe teardown operation without damaging or distorting the cover hook. Reduce teardown time for more frequent inspections. Tooling quick change in few seconds. Models are available for most common can sizes of beverage, food, and aerosol cans. When ordering, the end diameter and can height must be specified so that the appropriate change parts are included. Efficient cut and strip both aluminium and steel cans in a single motion. 10 seconds per can. Eliminates the repetitious actions by hand .

CSG-A Countersink Gauge
The CanNeed "CSG-A Countersink Gauge (digital)" is a Digital gauges for measuring Countersink depth parameters (the depth of beader of can).

DHG-300 Digital Can Height Gauges

The "DHG-300 Digital Can Height Gauge" can be used to measure the height of beverage, food, and aerosol cans. The gauges can be connected to a computer or SPC system via the adapter and cable.


CSM-207 Can Seam Micrometers
CanNeed CSM series Can Seam Micrometers are use for measuring the seam thickness and length. The fine tuning function helps to avoid the deviation caused by over rotation.
CSM-208 is applicable to measure the seam thickness and length of flat bottom straight wall cans.
CSM-207 is applicable to measure the seam thickness and length of aerosol cans and necked-in cans.

CAN-10774 Planer and Shaper Pin Height Gauge
The Pin Height Gauge is commonly used in the initial setup of the seamer to ensure double seaming performance and air removal. 

CAN-1050 Can Closing Force Gauges
"CAN-1050 Can Closing Force Gauge" is for measuring the force of seaming head of the seaming machine. Advantages:
1. Deduct the scrap rate of the production
2. Shorten the adjusting time, improved production efficiency.
3. Improved the seam quality

IDG-100 Can Internal Diameter Gauge
IDG-100, IDG-200 & IDG-300 Can Internal Diameter Gauge
This unit serves for quickly checking the Internal Diameter of can. It is supply with a calibration piece.
IDG-100 is for small diameter cans, Cans dia. 52-100 mm (only measure one type can)
IDG-200 is for large diameter cans, Cans dia. :80-260 mm (only measure one type can)
IDG-300 is compatible for two (2) or three (3) sizes of cans.

PTG-100 Plate Thickness Gauge
This unit serves for quickly checking the thickness of plates. The sample is presented vertically in this version. Equipped with the Mitutoyo 0.001mm Resolution Digital Indicator.
If purchased the adapter and cable, the gauge can be connected to a computer or SPC system for data collection.

CDG-100 Curl Diameter Gauge
The CanNeed "CDG-100 Curl Diameter Gauge" is a Digital gauges for measuring Curl Diameter of ends. Equipped with calibration piece. With the Mitutoyo 0.01mm Resolution Digital Indicator.
If purchased the adapter and cable, the gauge can be connected to a computer or SPC system for data collection.

WOM 4C Welding Overlap Monitor
The CanNeed ¡°WOM 3A Welding Overlap Monitor¡± is used to measure the length and thickness of side seam welding overlap. It¡¯s equipped with the most advanced optical system and Golden LensTM, which ensured the high image definition.

WWT-100 welding line outstretched tester
The CanNeed "WWT-100 Welding line outstretched tester" is used to test the flange point welding integrality of 3-pieces cans.

VSM 6A Automatic Seam Monitor
The " VSM 6A Automatic Seam Monitor " is a compact measuring system  
for quick and accurate automatic seam measurements and storing of seam images.  
The seam length, body hook, end hook, actual overlap, percentage overlap;  
seam gap, seam thickness and body hook butting% are measured.  
The values can be stored in a Excel file and are displayed in on-screen if values are within specs.  
Seam image can be printed, stored!

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