Statistics As of 2024 year 6 month25 day, Located (Qinghe Qu), postcode: 320802(QHH) canning, beverage, beer, food, packaging customers. They used products of canneed: Canned Food and Beverage[] CVG-100 Canners Vacuum Gauge, in the Processing of useing products, Performance of the product quality : <FONT face=Verdana> <P><FONT face=Verdana><FONT face="Times New Roman">the Canneed "CVG-100 and CVG-200 Canner's Vacuum Gauge", <BR>Used to measure the vacuum pressure of seamed cans.&nbsp; <BR>The gauge is placed on top of the can and the piercing needle <BR>is forced through the top of the can.&nbsp; <BR>The rubber collar forms a temporary seal to allow for measurement.</FONT>&nbsp; </FONT></P></FONT> Give enterprises great benefits.
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Product Classification : Temperature Data Logger
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PU-2000 Pasteurization Temperature Monitor (PU Monitor)
The Canneed PU-2000 can be used to measure the temperature while the beer is in the pasteurization process bottles or cans, calculate the PU units (PU value), and the temperature curve can be shown by computer display or printed via a printer.

It is made of stainless steel, equipped with the waterproof design and the capacitance induction button in order to make a simple operation, easy maintenance and ensured the low maintenance workload.

CAN-125B Pasteurization Temperature Monitor (PU Monitor)

CanNeed CAN-85B, CAN-125B Pasteurization Temperature Monitor (PU Monitor), is the most advanced PU Monitor, high quality and powerful function.
Either connect to the computer or connect to the data Processor for displaying the measuring results.

The logger of CAN-85B, CAN-125B PU Monitor is portable and it was a stainless steel weldless one-piece design, which ensured its excellent sealability and long service life.

CAN-F-125 Pasteurization Temperature Monitor

CanNeed CAN-F-125 Sterilization Temperature Monitor (F0 Value Monitor) has been chosen by many beverage and canned food factories.

Applicable to different kinds of sterilization equipments and different place that require temperature monitoring: sterilization kettle (autoclave), Spray sterilization machine, Water sink sterilization machine, warehouse, transportation vehicles, etc.

CND-TRK-300 Oven Temperature Tracker

The CanNeed CND-TRK-300 Oven Temperature Tracker is a professional oven temperature curve inspection system for the coating industry, it is including the data logger, heat insulation case, software (Chinese / English) and thermocouples.CanNeed CND-TRK-300 Oven Temperature Tracker is use to pass through the oven with the solidifying products, and record down the real temperature during the process.

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